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Household water purifier market remains to be purified

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
At present, with environmental protection, health for selling point of the 'water' is slowly into the line of sight, the home appliance market and supermarket in striking place of water appliances stopped and now people healthy drinking water consciousness is strong, especially in summer, the weather is getting hot, people every day to drink water supplement the body of the loss of moisture, buy namesake fizzy water and mineral water is expensive, therefore, cheaper 'water home appliances' popular. , however the home appliance market sales personnel recommended let a person feel like falling fog.
how long to replace water purifier filter? Different brands of sales people give different answers: others said, filter in three to four months in a row; Others said, a good in a year, what we adopt nanotechnology and so on. Some don't have a reverse osmosis membrane water purification equipment, only a few root activated carbon filters or quartz sand filter and precision filter, sales personnel under the water can be removed more than 99% of bacteria and impurity. Make consumers confused about.
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