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how about a reverse osmosis water filter for household use?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Reverse osmosis is a common filtration process widely used in industry and agriculture.
Reverse osmosis water filters are often selected for household filtration systems.
However, there are some problems with the reverse osmosis filter.
Read this article to find out what they are and what the solution is.
With the recent release of all the information about impurities in our water, home filtration has become a hot topic.
From pesticides to prescription drugs to toxic chemicals, we have everything in our water.
For example, chlorine is a chemical commonly used to kill organic impurities in municipal water.
Chlorine is a poison!
Even recently, chlorine gas has been used as a weapon of mass destruction!
There is a trace of chlorine coming out of the water from your tap.
Many people think bottled water is a good alternative to tap water.
Unfortunately, they are not correct!
Bottled water must be cleaner than tap water.
In fact, when talking about some impurities, such as e-
E. Coli, there is no federal limit on the impurity content in bottled water.
Bottled water companies are spending millions of dollars trying to convince us that their water comes from raw glaciers or underground reservoirs.
The facts are completely different.
Most bottled water comes straight from the tap.
Just like the water in your house!
The real solution is to filter out your own water.
But this has brought about a series of new problems.
There are several types of filters on the market.
Some use carbon filtration, some use reverse osmosis, and some use other methods.
The effect of reverse osmosis filtration of impurities is quite good, but a big part of its problem is that there is too much filtration!
Reverse osmosis water filters are often used to dilute water.
In addition, it is often used in industrial and agricultural fields where issues such as taste are not important.
The water filtered with the reverse osmosis filter is usually used for car washing, because the reverse osmosis filter actually filters everything in the water, in which case it may damage the impurities of the paint.
The problem with drinking water reverse osmosis is: you actually want some impurities in the water.
Trace minerals such as calcium not only make the water taste better, but also are very important for your health.
Although the reverse osmosis filter may be better than nothing (
At least in some cases)
There are other filtering systems that filter out bad things while leaving behind the delicious and best health we need.
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