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How big flux filtration core quality identification?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Large flux filtration core quality identification should be how to do? Most of non-professional people just by the naked eye observation is difficult to distinguish true and false.

buy this filter, if you want to imported products, there is only one criterion import customs declaration form, as with all sorts of reason to refuse to provide, the product must not original.

1 what are the structure, pall big flow filter end cover?

6 - probably Seven? More common has the handle type, convenient installation, improve efficiency.

2, PALL big flow water filter out what material is the bandages, where can buy?

the material is very expensive, and the quantity is little not to sell, and in fact, the sole agent, but it is now generally use alternative, can ask the personnel of the service on this site for details.
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