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how do reverse osmosis water filters work?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
When trying to understand the concept of reverse osmosis water filtration, it is important to first understand what ordinary penetration is.
Penetration is the diffusion of solvents through selective permeable membranes.
The solvent is transmitted from a low solution concentration through the membrane to a solution with a higher solution concentration.
This process sounds complex, and although it is the same as many scientific processes, it is easier to understand in practice.
The human body is the best place to begin to observe the infiltration process, so we take the first step towards understanding reverse osmosis.
Penetration is the main means of transporting water for human use.
The infiltration process is the way water enters and exits cells.
Effectively, a balance is reached between the concentration of water in the cell and in the blood.
This application of infiltration is very practical, although the reverse osmosis process has become attractive for the purpose of water filtration.
Essentially, the most significant difference between normal penetration and reverse osmosis is pressure.
In order to achieve reverse osmosis, artificial pressure is applied to a large amount of contaminated water.
The pressure applied must exceed the pressure allowed for conventional penetration.
This pressure forces dirty water through a half
The permeable membrane, which captures unwanted contaminants, allows only pure water to pass through.
The successful application of reverse osmosis technology has brought the purity of water to a new level, and more importantly, the technology is suitable for use at various scales.
In fact, http: it is reported that the reverse osmosis system is now packaged from urban water supply to household water dispensers.
In addition, this home cooler is competitive in cost compared to the traditional water filtration cooler.
So far, industry has shown that reverse osmosis can be used for seawater desalination, as well as for purification of wastewater, gray and slightly salty water.
These applications appear to be a bastion of hope for the world, which is clearly working to meet the needs of the growing population for water.
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