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How does the high flow filter element work?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-31
For the large flow filter element, the main difference between it and other filter elements lies in its large flow, which means that a smaller number of filter elements are used, thereby reducing labor and operating costs. For the company, cost is a very important issue while ensuring the quality of work. Therefore, choosing a large flow filter element can solve the current company’s excessive labor and operating costs. So, what is the working principle of the high-flow filter element? How does it work daily? Let's take a closer look. The high-flow filter element is installed in the security filter and plays the role of pre-filtering. In addition to the high-flow filter element inside the security filter, melt-blown water filter element, folded microporous filter element, winding filter element, etc. can also be installed. Large flow filter element is a kind of filter element with higher effect, larger flow rate and longer life. Its flow rate exceeds 2 times the flux of the conventional filter element. The filtering direction of the high-flow filter element is divided into outer in-out type and in-out type. The skeleton is made of reinforced polypropylene, which has high resilience and good toughness. In the security filter, excessive pressure will not cause the filter element to flatten and affect the filtration. occur. When the filtered liquid passes through the filter element, the impurity particles are filtered layer by layer through the form of inside or outside, with high precision and high efficiency, and the precision size can be customized according to the working conditions.
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