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How long it will take big flow water filter need to be replaced?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Water filter is the core component of water treatment filter inside, water filter directly determines the water quality of the filter, so to speak. If the water filter it is time to change to change, without the filter of the traffic impact is very big, will cause the filter before and after the differential pressure increases, serious will break the filter element. Therefore, to understand the service life of large flow water filter is very important.

in general, the service life of the pp cotton filter is about 10 days, of course, this depends on the water quality of the concrete, and henan big filter production flow water filter service life can reach 30 - 40 days, this greatly increases the use cycle, and easy to change, the original need dozens of filter, just need a few now. If suddenly your water filter greatly shorter service life, there is a big reason is that the front of the coarse filter. Have a very important point is: to the water filter and filter to check regularly, replacement. This will not affect the machine normal use, at the same time, avoid damage to other components of the filters.

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