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MBR membrane
How many high flow inline water filter are produced by Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment per year?
With years of development, Guangzhou Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.has successfully further expanded the production capacity, which contributes to the increasing annual output. We have put a lot of investment into introducing advanced machines to ensure the high-quality output of high flow inline water filter each year. We employed professional and skilled engineers to optimize production technology in order to manufacture products more efficiently while ensuring the bulk production.

Lvyuan now is growing to be a leading sintered metal filter manufacturer. Lvyuanproduces a number of different product series, including activated carbon filter. The quality inspections of Lvyuan sintered filter elements involve different aspects. The inspections include thickness tolerance, flatness, thermal stability, anti-bending capability, and colorfastness. The filter media is thermally bonded to prevent fiber release while providing consistent flow rates. Since its establishment, we has won praises from many users. It has increased dirt holding capacity and longer life.

we has made the aim clear that becomes the most competitive enterprise in pp filter cartridge industry. Get info!
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