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MBR membrane
How many high flow under sink water filter are produced by Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment per month?
The monthly capacity of Guangzhou Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.high flow under sink water filter fluctuates from various seasons. During the peak season, our products experience sales growth for the excellent performance and favorable price compared to other similar products. During the rest of the time, we've been focusing on optimizing crafts and technology to further enlarge the production capacity.

Lvyuan now is at the forefront of producing titanium filter. Lvyuanproduces a number of different product series, including polypropylene filter cartridge 5 micron. Lvyuan melt blown filter has passed through size and specifications inspections. The checks include the length, width, and thickness within the approval tolerance, the diagonal length, angle control, etc. It can also filter particulates, microbial organisms, ferric oxide, and other impurities. our company focuses on building relationships and providing the best customer service possible. The graded gradient design helps it to avoid rapid clogging.

our company is market-oriented and strives to be in line with international standards. Inquire online!
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