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MBR membrane
How many metal filter cartridge are produced by Lvyuan per month?
Based on the collected data from the sales department, the monthly output of Guangzhou Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. varies from various factors. While focusing on working on the most attractive design and manufacturing the high-performance products, we also improve ourselves in production capacity and efficiency. For those special orders which require large volumes and urgent schedule, we ensure that we can finish them in a very efficient and precise way. On the whole, the sales volume of metal filter cartridge experiences a stable increase with the time passing by.
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Lvyuan is a manufacturer of polypropylene filter cartridge. We have earned a reputation for our trusted manufacturing capabilities built on years of experience in the field. Lvyuan's main products include titanium filter series. As the stringent quality tests run through the whole production process, the quality of the product can be thoroughly assured. The star-shaped ring seal makes the filter element easy to disassemble and maintain. Lvyuan operates in full compliance with the international system. It can provide accurate analysis and results for sensitive ion chromatography applications.
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Our company has embarked on a journey promoting environment-friendly and sustainability initiatives. We are involved in various projects including renewable energy management and waste disposal management.

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