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how reverse osmosis water filters work

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
First of all, let me start by saying, no matter science-
The process sounds very simple.
Think back to your days in high school
Do you remember what penetration is?
The textbook definition of infiltration is water through semi-diffusion
The permeable membrane from the low dissolved concentration region to the high dissolved concentration region.
Let\'s consider a standard kitchen faucet tied to a big city of American standards.
When you open the water, the water starts to flow.
The pipes are full of muck, dirt, salt, and even heavy metals --
We call these contaminants solvent.
Since water has a natural affinity, it can attract to areas with a high concentration of dissolution, so your water actively picks up all of this garbage in the process of coming out of the faucet.
Consider the distance the water has to move and everything that might be in the pipeline --
A scary but thought-provoking picture.
Now, let\'s take a look at the same scene.
The only difference this time is that we have a reverse osmosis filter installed on the faucet.
Using static hydraulic (water)
The pressure that naturally exists in your home pipeline, the reverse osmosis filter forces dirty water to come into contact with a very selective membrane, allowing only the smallest and most harmless molecules to pass through with your pure molecules, clear water
Since the system is pressure based, no external energy is needed
You don\'t need to hire an electrician to install this thing.
Reverse osmosis technology is reliable and has been around for some time through various forms of expression.
S. And Canadian forces have been using reverse osmosis water purifiers for years to support their activities in areas where fresh water is not readily available.
In overseas deployments, they use a portable reverse osmosis water treatment plant to dilute or purify salty water.
This proven technology has been tested on site and is now considered reliable enough for commercial use.
I ended this with an analogy.
Just like cooking pasta, consider reverse osmosis.
After the pasta is cooked, you put it in the filter and separate the bulky noodles (solutes)
From their boiling watersolvent).
So you\'re using stress (
In this case, pour the pasta and water mixture into the gravity of the filter)
Separate the solvent from a high concentration solvent.
I strongly encourage anyone, interested or skeptical, to do a little research and research on various reverse osmosis filtration systems --
You won\'t be disappointed!
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