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how to change your swimming pool cartridge filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The best way to make sure your pool is kept clean, clear and beautiful is to make sure that your filtration system is running properly and properly maintained.The best way to quickly determine if the filter is operating properly is water quality.If your water looks cloudy, gray or has debris, it may be time to maintain the filter.
Another effective way to determine the quality of the filter is the filter pressure indicator.This is usually an instrument or meter located outside the filter housing.When your filter cartridge starts to accumulate dirt and debris, it becomes more difficult for the pump to circulate water through the filter.
Therefore, the pressure on the filtration system will increase and the water circulating through the system will decrease.This not only increases the workload of the pump, but also reduces the amount of water filtered.This leaves more dirt and debris in your pool.
When the pressure of your filter rises by 8 to 10 psi, higher than when your filter box is new, it\'s time to replace your filter box or clean it.The first problem with changing or cleaning the filter should be safety.This is especially true if your filter is equipped with pressureclamp.
Pressure-In some cases, the clips sometimes \"blow \".It will cause damage to property, serious damage, and even death.Before maintaining the pool filter, you should always refer to the manufacturer\'s guidelines.
The first step is to transfer the electricity to the pool and water pump.After you verify that all power supplies are cut off, you should turn on the pressure release valve until the hissing stops.Then you can start the next step.After turning off the power of the pump and pool and releasing the pressure valve, you should remove the fixing belt and lift the lid.
There are three types of pool filters: sand, de (diatomearth earth) and filter cartridge.Pool filters are usually divided into two categories: pressure or vacuum pool filters.We will introduce the filter cartridge filter of the third type.
Pool filter cartridge filter allows water to pass through very fine filter surfaces.This filter surface captures any impurities that are trying to pass through and keeps them until you clean the filter box or replace it.The cartridge filter has more surface area than other options.
This makes it easier to maintain with less wood clo.The pressure of the filter cartridge filter is also much lower than that of the sand.This causes the back pressure of the pump to decrease, so the water flow through the system is larger.
The pool filter cartridge can filter things from 5 to 10 microns in size.From this perspective, the size of a single salt is about 90 microns.Something below 35 microns is invisible to the naked eye.
The cartridge will be exposed after removing the lid.Remove the old cartridge and carefully note how it is placed in the case.Replace it with a new cartridge.After the new cartridge is installed, replace the cover and the fixing belt and close the pressure release valve.
You can then turn the power on again and check the filter.Also pay attention to the system pressure as this will be the baseline reading you will maintain in the future.The whole process is usually less than 10 minutes, leaving you with a clean, clear and healthy swimming pool.
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