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How to choose the appropriate stainless steel filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
For stainless steel filter, it can be applied in many fields and industries, such as production, industrial, chemical and so on, different industry, stainless steel filter plays an important role.

so, stainless steel filter when the choose and buy, we should pay attention to the respect and consider what factors?

in the first place, we need to pay attention to the stainless steel filter hole mesh number, during this period should consider the required intercept impurities particle size, and according to the characteristics of the medium to determine;

if not controlled selection problem, can be directly to the manufacturer for consultation, choose appropriate specifications of the filter.

in principle, the import and export of stainless steel filter size shall not be less than the size of auxiliary pump, usually they are consistent.

the material of stainless steel filter is also work in the choose and buy should pay attention to the point, usually the same as the connected piping material, moreover filter installation shall not affect the normal operation of the whole system;

so you need to calculate its resistance loss, and according to their own situation to increase the number of filter element, thus to reduce the pressure loss, at the same time, in accordance with the working conditions to determine the filter should have classes, used to ensure that in good condition.
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