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How to choose the right and quality indicators activated carbon

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Activated carbon in the absence of carbonized material activation of pore-forming process, so the surface is better than activated carbon is bright and clean, and the color white, slightly metallic luster, feel is better than activated carbon on hard, and also much heavier in weight. There are quite a number of fake activated carbon USES is inferior raw material made with diatomite burn, the carbon content is extremely low, most of them have no active substance, the carbon is relatively white color, feel very heavy, grain length is longer, intensity is high, collision will make similar ceramic when knock is ringing sound, with the hand break will find white tiny particles on the cross section, all when the choose and buy must pay attention to so as not to fall for it.
1, the activated carbon packing is the best seal. Because more or less in the air filled with a variety of organic macromolecular substances, especially as in decorate newly store or home storage compartment concentration of phenolic substances is great, these substances can be adsorbed by activated carbon, accumulate over a long period, the adsorption performance of the activated carbon adsorption these substances and lower can't even use. So the more high adsorption of activated carbon more seal should be used to prevent the performance of activated carbon by interference.
2, now in the market of counterfeit activated carbon by activated carbon of semi-finished products to pretend to be carbonized material, carbonized material only through 'activation' process to become a real activated carbon, and the activation process is activated carbon in the manufacturing process is the most important manufacturing process of pore structure. Lack of the process of carbonized material can say almost no adsorption performance, make consumers suffer.
main factors influencing adsorption of activated carbon filter:
(1) the nature of the activated carbon adsorbent
the surface area, the greater the adsorption capacity is stronger; Activated carbon is a polar molecule, easy to adsorb nonpolar or low polarity of adsorbate. Activated carbon adsorbent particle size, structure and distribution of pores and surface chemical properties of adsorption has great influence.
2. Activated carbon filter the nature of the adsorption properties of
depend on its solubility, surface free energy, polarity, and the size of the adsorbate molecule and not saturation, with qualitative concentration wastewater PH

(3) activated carbon in acid solution than generally have higher adsorption rate in alkaline solution.
PH value of adsorbate existing state and solubility in water and so on impact, thus affecting the adsorption effect.

(4) coexisting substances coexistence of a variety of adsorbate, for some kind of adsorption properties of activated carbon adsorption capacity than only contain the adsorbate during the adsorption ability of

(5) temperature of temperature on the adsorption of activated carbon smaller time

6 contact should guarantee the active carbon has certain contact time and adsorbate, the balance of adsorption approach, make full use of the adsorption capacity.
adsorption storage of natural gas, gas type motor vehicle exhaust is low polluting vehicles, using liquefied natural gas as fuel, due to the air tank for high pressure vessel, once had a car accident, a violent explosion might occur cause more deaths and injuries, has now developed a special special adsorption storage of natural gas with activated carbon products, but the pressure of the gas holder by dozens of MPa fell to about 5 MPa, to improve their safety by the hundreds, Dioxin-like gas phase contaminants removal. Dioxin-like compounds containing halogen, the floorboard of the organic matter is a categories is intense gas phase of the newly discovered carcinogens in recent years, a large number of generated in municipal waste incinerator flue gas emissions, activated carbon, can be efficient removal of dioxin-like pollutants, the present application has a very wide range.
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