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How to clean PE sintered filter element

How to clean PE sintered filter element


1. Purified water (deionized water), backflushed for 15 minutes, and its backflushing pressure is less than 0.4Mpa, or clean air is used for backflushing, and its backflushing pressure is less than



2. Ultrasonic cleaning: Put the PE sintered filter element into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, take it out after cleaning for 60 minutes, rinse it with deionized water or distilled water for 15 minutes, and then dry and sterilize it.


Chemical treatment process, the use of dry PE sintered filter elements is more serious, the composition of the filter medium is more complicated, and the cleaning is also more complicated:


First of all, the production time is long for new use or holidays, and then use 1% NaOH analysis alcohol solution for 30min soaking. Before soaking, soak it with normal water and then

Put it in the alkaline solution, rinse the inside and outside with deionized water more than twice after soaking, each time is not less than 30min, the water pressure is 0.2-03Mpa, after rinsing, put it in still water until there is no floating object (light inspection), The test pH value is neutral.


The PE sintered filter element is generally replaced directly. The PE sintered filter element cannot be cleaned, only the dust on the surface can be washed off. Later use will also affect the service life and filtration accuracy. It is recommended to replace the filter element directly.


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