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How to determine the characteristics of large flow water filter membrane filter?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Large flow water filter membrane filter is one of the keys to its use, so for the performance and characteristics of membrane filter we need to understand in detail. So, how to test the flow of water filter membrane performance? Main testing process and method is as follows:

for large flow water filter can be used to test water soaking and hydrophobic membrane water resistance is strong, the smaller aperture, the water in which the required pressure is, the greater the result under certain pressure can judge the big flow of chilled water through the membrane filter in the water filter aperture size.

the big flow filter and filter membrane soaking in solution, through the control system in a side pressure treatment, adjust air intake, with the increase of the pressure of gas will be released from the side of the membrane, membrane surface will form the size of bubbles, instrument to corresponding to the pressure of bubble point value judgment.

when the gas pressure in the flow of water filter bubble point values of 80%, a large amount of gas hole filter don't happen, but have a small amount of gas dissolved, then from the liquid to spread to the other side, is called diffusion current.

due to the bubble point values for a qualitative value, but the bubble volume could not be determined accurately, and the diffusion flow value is a quantitative value, to be able to accurately determine the integrity of the filter, can also reflect the membrane, flow rate and the gap area, thus more effective.
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