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How to effectively reflect the role of pp melt blown filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-02-05
In work, how to use products efficiently is a problem that every company is considering. Only by using products more efficiently can their role play a greater role in a limited time. So, what is the way to extend the effective use time of pp melt blown filter element? 1. Don't change the water source easily, usually the water source we choose is fixed. 2. Improve the pretreatment operation effect, optimize the dosage of flocculants and coagulant aids, select scale inhibitors suitable for the water source, adjust the pretreatment equipment to achieve the ideal operating state, and strictly follow the requirements of the operating procedures to ensure that the pretreatment effluent quality is qualified. 3. Choosing a quality-guaranteed filter element can not only extend the life of the filter element, but also ensure the water quality of the filter. Precautions for using pp melt blown filter element: 1. When the filter element is fixed in the center of the frame, the two ends of the separator should be exposed to about 3-5mm on both sides of the filter material. 2. The end face of the partition plate retracted into the frame is 5-10mm (different according to the installation requirements of the protection net). The partition plate should be parallel to the center line of the frame, and the deviation of the partition plate from the center line should not be more than 6mm, and no idiopathic deformation deviation will occur. 3. The wrinkle texture traces of the filter material and the partition plates should be perpendicular to the upper and lower end plates of the frame, and the verticality of any partition plate and any fold filter material to the frame should not exceed 10mm.
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