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How to identify the quality of the filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-25
1. Look at the material of the filter element The main filter material of the air filter element is filter paper. At present, the filter paper of the filter element mainly adopts domestic paper and imported paper. Both domestic and imported paper have good filtering performance, while the inferior filter paper used in the counterfeit filter element cannot prevent dust from entering. engine, thus affecting the normal operation of the engine. Generally, the color of the filter paper of the genuine filter element is uniform, and the paper surface is relatively flat; while the color of the filter paper of the inferior filter element is not uniform, the paper surface is hairy, and the texture is very poor. Second, look at the colloid of the filter element. At present, the structure of the water treatment filter element is generally composed of filter paper and rubber bonding. The colloid of the genuine and fake filter elements is also different. The rubber of the genuine filter element has better texture and elasticity, while the rubber of the counterfeit filter element is soft and the texture is poor. The easiest way to identify is to fold the air filter in half. After loosening, the genuine filter will quickly return to its original state, while the counterfeit filter does not adhere well to the filter paper due to the rubber texture, and the middle of the fold is obvious. In addition, you can pass some signs, such as imported strips, and of course some domestic ones can be imitated, but if you look closely, it will be different. The first stage of the water purifier is PP filter element, also known as meltblown PP. There is no sewage function, and its service life is generally 3-6 months, so the filter element should be replaced regularly, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution problems, and the water quality cannot be guaranteed. According to the range of use, it can be divided into 10 inches to 40 inches, and can be customized according to special requirements, density, length and weight. First look at the density, according to the difference in aperture, PP can be divided into 1um and 5um, and then look at the weight of about 100g and 110g, the aperture cannot be recognized by the naked eye, and the weight and touch can be distinguished by hand. The quality of the filter element directly affects the quality and filtration effect of the water purifier, so the commonly used 1-micron and 5-micron ones are generally the best choice. At the same time, because the PP cotton filter element is generally used in the first three stages, it must be replaced regularly, otherwise the service life of the RO membrane and the TDS value of the effluent water quality will be affected. Is the PP cotton filter element hard or soft? In fact, the higher the density, the stronger the pinch, which means that the compressibility is also high, the filtration accuracy and service life are longer, and the soft PP has a high water pressure or a long use time. It may disperse later, resulting in a decrease in filtration degree and affecting the normal operation of the RO machine. Therefore, the quality and price of PP, which is now dominant, can fundamentally improve the quality of the entire water purifier.
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