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How to increase the life cycle of a large flow water filter element?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-28
For a large flow water filter element, it needs to be replaced after a period of use. So, how can we extend its service life? This is a problem we need to consider, after all, the cost of objects is a big problem that needs to be solved. Because the water source processed by the high-flow water filter is usually fixed and not easy to change, we have to change other influencing factors to achieve our goal. Improve the pretreatment operation effect of the large-flow water filter element, optimize the dosage of flocculants and coagulant aids, and select the scale inhibitor suitable for the water source for use, adjust the pretreatment equipment to achieve a better operating state, and follow Strict operation of the process ensures that the quality of the effluent is qualified and reduces the impact on the equipment. In addition, the purchase of reliable high-flow water filter elements can also ensure the quality of the effluent water to a large extent and extend the service life of the equipment. The filter layer has many and dense voids, which can effectively capture impurities. The high-flow water filter element with low pressure loss has a longer service life and can greatly improve the sludge removal rate.
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