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How to install and use PP pleated filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-06-26
1. Installation method of PP pleated filter element: 1. Wet the O-ring, slowly pierce the filter element straight in, and be sure to insert all of it into the stainless steel first round groove. 2. Press the fins of the filter element with a stainless steel orifice plate. The pressure plate does not need to be too tight to prevent the filter element from being deformed during high temperature sterilization. 3. Avoid touching the filter element directly with your hands. 4. Rinse the filter element as much as possible before use. 5. When turning on or off, please slowly turn the valve, do not open or close it all at once, to prevent the filter from being sucked and deflated during high temperature disinfection. 2. Application method (1) Disinfection method of filter element 1. Disinfect in the disinfection cabinet, take out the filter element from the plastic bag, and place it in the disinfection cabinet for 30 minutes at 121 degrees. 2. For online disinfection, please install the filter element in the filter according to the correct method (the distance between the fixed plate and the filter element is 0.5mm). Steam for 30 minutes. (2) Identification of inflow and outflow direction The outside of the filter element enters the middle and exits, and the forward and reverse flushing can be carried out in different directions. (3) Diameter identification The filter element shell has a hot-melt font, indicating the filter element material and pore size.
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