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How to install stainless filter housing

How to install stainless filter housing


Stainless steel filter housing have the advantages of low operating cost and simple operation, and they are the best in filtering products with their stable filtering effect. So how should we install the stainless steel filter?


The stainless steel filter housing installation method is as follows:

1. The stainless steel filter equipment can be installed horizontally or vertically according to the site conditions. The equipment must be connected to the pipeline according to the direction of the water inlet and outlet. When installed vertically, the water inlet of the equipment should be upward, and when installed horizontally, the sewage outlet should be downward.


2. The stainless steel filter should be installed by bypass, so that the equipment can be repaired and maintained without stopping.

3. The clear distance between the equipment is not less than 1500mm; the clear distance between the equipment and the wall is not less than 1000mm; the maintenance space of not less than 500mm should be left between the equipment and its surroundings.


4. Valves should be installed at the water inlet, water outlet and sewage outlet of the stainless steel filter, and the sewage pipeline should not be too long.


5. When installing and using, pay attention to the protection of the control box, sensor and transmission part to prevent damage. When adjusting the electric part, please pay attention to the rotation direction of the motor to be consistent with the marked direction.


6. When installing the equipment, connect the pipes in the direction indicated by the arrow on the stainless steel self-cleaning filter body.


The above is a summary of the installation method of stainless steel filter. Through these installation precautions, I hope to help you master the correct installation knowledge. As long as it is installed correctly, the service life of the stainless steel filter will be very long, but don't forget to maintain it.


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