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How to intall a bag filter?


Installation instructions:

1.  Prepared stage. Please pay attention to the head of housing, take care to hand it and put it correctly.

Preparing all parts, bag filter housing body, O-ring seal, stainless steel filter screen, filter bag, steel plate, pressure gauge. Making sure that the O-ring seal and O-ring notch of housing are without of shape, without scratches, without damage.

2. Installation precautions. To keep the working pressure of the enclosure within the allowable range.

A. Place the bag filter in a specific position, connect the inlet and outlet flanges, secure them. Plug the vent or close the vent valve. 

B. Gently place the filter screen to the bag filter housing to make sure the basket net match with internal flange of the housing.

C. Place the filter bag, align the O-ring of the filter bag with the filter screen, place the steel plate, and secure the position of the filter bag.

D. Place the head cover alignment with the housing, For clamp hinged filter housing, making sure the v-clamp fixed. Flange type filter housing, put the top cover plate align to the housing and screwing bolt rings of two diagonal. Making sure the filter is sealed.

E. Close the vent valve mounted on the top of bag filter housing.

F. Make sure all connections are secure. Whether the working pressure is within the allowable range.

G. Open the output valves. Open heat source enters valve, slowly raise the temperature to get the specified temperature for housing.

H. Open the input valves little by little, allow the liquid slowly flows in and fill with the bag filter, prevent the liquid from pounding the filter bag and causing it to rupture.

I. Observe for leaks, if there is no abnormality, you can start filtering.

3. Daily use and maintenance.

The filtration system at work should always check differential pressure of the water inlet and outlet, when the pressure is up to 0.05 to 0.1 Mpa, filter bag should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the filter bag and filter screen.


Open the filter housing head covers correctly after liquid filtering. Warning: Don't open the cover head under pressure in bag filter housing, otherwise the remaining liquid may blowout, causing the liquid flow out and personal injury.

 Please strictly obey the following operation methods:

A. Close the input valve. When there is pressure at the outlet, close the output valve.

B. Make sure that the pipeline connected to the exhaust valve has been connected to the safe place or the suction port (especially when filtering toxic and corrosive liquids), then open the exhaust valve.

C. Check the pressure gauge to ensure the internal pressure is zero, at this time, the bag filter is separated from the pipeline system.

D. If there is a drain valve, confirm that the drain fluid is connected to the recovery point, open the drain valve, and wait for the remaining liquid in the bag filter to be discharged through the exhaust valve, and close the exhaust valve. This discharge procedure can be done in cooperate with increasing pressure.

E. Unscrew the ring of the upper cover, and lift the cover head. The multi-bag filter stainless steel cover head should be moved to a certain angle.


Replace filter bag:

A. High-efficiency filter bags are made of fine fibers. These materials are less hydrophilic and the fiber surface will not be wet by water. Before installation, it is better to immerse the filter bag in pre wet liquids that it is Compatible with the filter liquid for several minutes.

B. Correctly open the cover of the bag filter.

C. Place the cover head in the right position, and take off the filter bag carefully.

D. Put in a new filter bag, please refer to the installation process.

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