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How to maintain the high flow water filter element daily?

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-18
If you want to extend the service life of the high-flow water filter element, its daily maintenance measures are inevitable. So, how do we usually maintain the high-flow water filter? The main methods and measures to maintain the high-flow water filter are as follows: Since the high-flow water filter has been used in the filtration system for a long time, its performance will have a greater impact on the working effect of the equipment, so it is very necessary to do a good job of daily maintenance of. For high-flow water filters that are temporarily not installed and used after purchase, do not open and tear their packaging bags and packaging films directly. We need to store them according to the prompts of the manufacturer or instructions for later use. If it needs to be transported during the application process, please handle the equipment gently to avoid intense vibration and impact. In order to ensure the application effect of the high-flow water filter element, we should ensure that the equipment is installed in the correct direction, and at the same time inspect it to prevent problems such as deformation, damage and leakage. During the application process, we should also clean it regularly to ensure There is no accumulation of dust, grease or corrosion inside the equipment. We can wipe it with a white cloth during maintenance to check the cleanliness of the equipment.
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