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how to make your own water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Despite the minimum standards for urban water use, many people choose to filter drinking water.
After all, just because the water tastes good and has no smell does not mean it is pure.
Of course, the safest way to know if your water is safe is to bring the sample to the test center.
But even if it passes this test, you can still filter it for sure.
If you have decided that you should filter your water, but are not sure if it will make any difference, why not make a trial carbohydrate filter yourself?
It\'s not difficult or expensive, it gives you the option to see what carbon can do to improve your water quality.
The first step is to obtain the required materials.
You need a vinyl hose and a drill bit of the same size as the hose outer diameter.
You will also need PVC pipe, lid and sealed tank with length of 2 1/2.
Finally, you need a paper coffee filter.
First, drill holes on the PVC cap and insert the hose into it.
Silicone sealant can be used to ensure it does not leak.
Insert the lid into one end of the PVC pipe.
The coffee filter paper is then folded and inserted into the bottom of the PVC pipe to cover the vinyl pipe hole.
This prevents carbon from clogging the hose.
Now you can add carbon to PVC.
Fill it up as much as possible.
The more carbon you use, the more filtration you will have.
Keep the PVC unit upright and fill with water.
Make sure the vinyl pipes are aimed at clean storage containers.
When water passes through PVC, the carbon removes impurities and distributes clean water.
Note: Since the first batch cleans all the parts of the device, you may want to discard it.
Of course, every time you want water, you don\'t want to stand there and hold the device.
A simple stand can be made of two 4 inch square 3/4 pine trees, a wood base and an upright wood, which is higher than a PVC pipe.
Drill a hole in the center of each 4 inch square block, which is large enough for PVC to pass through.
These parts are then fixed to the upright device attached to the base and inserted into the filter.
Fixing screws can be used to prevent PVC from sliding.
The rule of thumb is this: the more carbon the water passes before leaving the unit, the more it filters.
Therefore, the longer the PVC pipe, the better.
Don\'t forget to clean out the PVC pipe from time to time.
How long it takes depends on how contaminated your water is and how much water you filter.
This unit has obvious limitations.
It is not designed to produce a lot of water.
But if you keep the PVC full and store the filtered water, it will certainly provide enough drinking water for a few people.
If this sounds to work too much, consider the Berkey Water filter line.
The black Berkey purification elements with a fluorine filter are very powerful and they can remove edible pigments from water without removing the beneficial minerals required by the body.
Because they are powered by gravity, there is no need for electricity.
There are few other filter elements that can replicate this performance.
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