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MBR membrane
How to purchase pleated water filter cartridges ?
Easily put an order for regular items or tell us your needs, our customer service team will show you what to do. Guangzhou Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.manufactures water filter cartridge especially and exclusively for your firm. All you need to do is discuss your ideas before purchasing and we'll try our best to make it real. If you have any special questions or requirements, consult with our Customer Service. We are here to assist.

Leading stainless steel filter housing industry will be beneficial to the development of Lvyuan . titanium filter produced by Lvyuanis very popular in the market. The measurement of Lvyuan melt blown filter is of high accuracy. It is completed by using the digital templating method to produce a computer file. There is different porosity across the depth of its filter medium. The product is an essential tool for hazardous materials. Its excellent leakage resistance can prevent the escape of toxic fumes to the surroundings. The filter media is thermally bonded to prevent fiber release while providing consistent flow rates.

Winning the market of hi flow water filter has been what we strives for. Ask online!
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