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How to reflect the characteristics of stainless steel filter element?

by:Lvyuan      2022-02-02
Stainless steel filter elements are different from ordinary water filter elements, and their characteristics and performance are different. The main performance of stainless steel filter elements is shown in four aspects. For the performance of the stainless steel filter element, we mainly consider the bubble point, differential pressure and flow characteristics, accuracy and pollution ability and other indicators. 1. The bubble point pressure value should not be lower than 90% of the bubble point pressure value of the filter material; 2. The pressure difference flow characteristics, when the oil temperature is about 30℃, the rated pressure difference is 0.15Mpa, and the fluid is standard air. The rated pressure difference is 0.15Mpa; 3. When the structure of the filter element is sufficiently complete, the accuracy depends on the accuracy of the filter material; 4. The pollutant capacity of the filter element is equal to the product of the pollutant capacity per unit area and the filter area. It is related to the pressure difference of the actual operation of the filter element.
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