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how to replace a water filter cartridge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
How to replace the filter cartridge on the home water filtration system.
This article describes how to change these two filters on the Aquasana AQ4000 filter system.
Some of this information may be helpful for any brand\'s filtering system.
Open the replacement filter kit and check the content.
You should have 2 replacement cartridges, A and B.
Two replacement O-rings. If the O-
The rings are not flat, spread them out and see if they will spread out on their own, which may take over the night.
If that doesn\'t work, please put a book on them in the evening.
The reason is if O-
The ring is bent from shipping, making sealing more difficult.
The first step is to put your home filter system aside.
You can see the cover marked with A and B on the filter.
An arrow also indicates the direction in which each lid is opened.
Turn the filter cover A to the right and unscrew the direction in which the screw or arrow points.
The filter cover B should be screwed to the left or arrow direction.
They should just be tight.
If they are too tight to be removed by hand, use the handle of the pliers to give you a little extra leverage.
Be careful not to cause any damage to the incoming and outgoing water lines.
The water filter cartridge A will be the hardest to remove.
The seal at the top of the filter keeps the cartridge in place.
There is not enough space in the filter housing to accommodate it.
I found it easy to grab the filter with a pair of pliers, twist it and pull it out.
The water filter cartridge B will be attached to the filter cover.
Simply separate the two.
I put the filter on each side of the filter housing.
This helps to keep track of which filters are A and B. Remove both o-
The ring made sure the woods they were sitting in were clean.
Now install two new O-rings.
Place a small amount of food grade silicone lubricant in the exposed area of each O-ring.
This helps to install the filter cover.
The oil allows the caps to slide easily on the rubber, which will make it easier for them to seal.
Installing them dry may cause them to twist and fall off, resulting in a leak.
A is A white replacement filter cartridge.
Install it with O-
The first ring ends.
Putting some water on the rubber seal makes it easier to slide.
Push and turn until it sits down.
B The Replacement cartridge is blue. Install the O-
Ring end of filter cover.
In the same way as another filter.
At this point, I checked O-
Call to confirm they are still there.
Then, continue to install the B filter into the B shell.
Tighten the B cover until the B cover is firmly in place.
Now check the other seal and install the cover until the cover is firmly in place.
Keep the filter system on one side, open the water and start the split valve.
Check for signs of water around the cap thread.
If there is a little leak, try tightening the lid a little more.
If this does not seal the leak then open the lid and check O-
It may have come out of the seat.
Check to make sure it is not cut or damaged.
If so, old O-
The ring may be re-sealed.
Another option is to bring one of the old seals to the local hardware store and match them.
If none of these ideas work, another step is to order a replacement seal.
Now you can reinstall the lid as described above and check for any leaks.
If you don\'t see it, any leaks will be AQ-
About 4000 away, about 2-
3 minutes until the water is clear.
The water on May 1 was cloudy and even black, which is normal.
The new filter cartridge is cleaning up carbon dust.
I saved water for flushing the filtration system.
Indoor plants like water, or put it on the outside plants.
To track when the next set of water filters will be reinstalled.
Write the next change date on a tape and put it on the filter.
This helps track time.
They should be replaced every 6 months or 500 gallons on your home filtration system.
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