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how to turn wine into water: ingenious test shows just how powerful new water filter jugs are

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Can you really turn wine into water?
This may sound crazy, but a new type of water filter claims to be very effective in removing toxins and it can do that.
Tired of coming out of our taps but not drinking eco-friendly water
More and more of us buy filter water bottles, an unfriendly bottle variety.
While our tap water is safe to drink, it may contain chemicals that many families would rather avoid.
Tom Lloyd of filter company ZeroWater said that unfiltered water often contains trace amounts of harmful dissolved solids, such as chlorine used to treat tap water, or lead and other heavy metals in old pipes.
It also contains minerals such as calcium, which can cause scale.
The premise of the filter is simple: water flows through reusable and replaceable filters that remove chlorine, metals and any other dirt leaving a smoother taste.
But how effective are they?
Can any of them pass the final test?
Turn toxic things like alcohol into pure water?
Here, Alice smali drank 5 bottles of red beads with alcohol content of 13.
Pour in eight top water filters for 5 cents to find out. . .
A miracle trick of 12 cups of kettle in REDZeroWater, £ 39. 99, zerowater. co. ukWHAT IS IT?
ZeroWater was launched in the UK and made a major statement --
Its filtration system is very effective and can turn red wine into pure water.
The kettle is bigger and heavier than the other ones I tested and needs to be reshuffled to fit into the fridge.
But maybe that\'s not surprising because it contains five layers of filters in a plastic case --
Including mesh screens for particle and sediment removal, electricity
Resin with charge, used to extract metal, a layer of activated carbon to improve taste, and fine film for capturing the smallest particles.
I was surprised that any water molecules would be able to squeeze in and nothing else would mind.
The kettle also has a \"tap\" so you can put it directly into the glass.
Water test: pour a cup of tap water first, taste it, and then measure the content of minerals, salt and metal with a specially designed meter (
Known as \"total soluble solids\" or TDS)in it.
It gives a reading of 290 mg per liter.
I then run the tap water through the filter and measure it again.
Now the reading is zero.
In addition to the purest water molecules, it has removed everything and the taste is smoother.
Wine testing: The real challenge is coming.
I poured a glass of 100 ml red wine and tried to measure the total soluble solids again --
But the wine was too strong for the squad leader to even get a reading.
The work of the filter was cut off this time.
I pour the wine into the top of the filter and wait.
This is not an immediate result, which is understandable considering how many layers the wine needs to go through, but after a few seconds, when the transparent liquid flows out of the other end of the filter, I look at it with surprise.
Not only is it clear and transparent, but it tastes like water when I sip it --
The meter shows zero when I read it again.
It really turned the wine into the purest water. Miracle!
10/10 water toxicity reduction HALFBrita fill in and enjoy the water filter, £, brita. co. ukWHAT IS IT?
The product recently supplied by the leading company Brita is a smooth kettle that uses recyclable MAXTRA cartridges, each of which will filter 100 liters of water for about four weeks.
They use fine nets and tiny carbon pearls to reduce chlorine and impurities.
Cleverly, they will be put into the Brita kettle and kettle, and the \"traffic light\" technology on the kettle will let you know when the filter needs to be changed.
Water test: when I try with tap water, it is easy to inject by flipping
On the other end I think it definitely tastes better than our tap water.
Meter reading supports this, down from 290 mg per liter to 161 mg.
Wine test: It looks almost clear when the wine starts to filter, but it ends up in a pale rose color.
But it does a very good job, and the meter reading is almost 165 higher than the water. I’m impressed.
This neat and beautiful kettle ranks third in power.
As you would expect, the filtered wine tastes very light.
8/10 good value and beat LIMESCALEAqua ship Auria water purifier water tank, pound. 99, argos. co. ukWHAT IS IT?
This transparent kettle does not look exciting but is very cheap and is suitable for most fridge doors with a five inside
Step-by-step filtration systems to reduce chlorine, scale, herbicide, pesticide, lead and heavy metals. Its limescale-
The removal function means that your appliances will become less if you cook and coffee with filtered water.
I don\'t really like the smell of our tap water, we have a lot of scale so of course I can see the meaning of these tanks.
Water test: the filter needs to be soaked in the water, then rinsed and then put into the kettle.
Then I poured the tap water and the tap water was filtered quickly and the taste was sweeter and smoother.
Meter reading dropped from 285 to 105, so it deleted almost two-
Minerals, salt and calcium extracted from water.
Wine test: It looks clear when the wine starts to trickle down, but after about a minute it will appear in the form of a faint rose.
This is the second best performance and the price is good.
The meter reading is 156, which shows that it is purer than my tap water. (
It\'s true that the filtered wine tastes terrible.
It seems that someone accidentally filled a delightful glass of wine with water. )
Cheap way of 9/10A drinking water Amazon basic water filter tank 2. 3l, £11. 99, amazon. co. ukWHAT IS IT? A functional-
The one with a closed filter looks like a jar.
The digital meter at the top shows when the filter should be replaced
Usually every 30 days.
There is a fliptop cover that can be used with Brita MAXTRA cartridges and Amazon\'s own.
Water test: when I try with water, the result is not much different from tap water, but it is completely drinkable.
The meter drops from 272 to 171, and it is clear that it has removed some dissolved solids.
Wine test: When I test it with wine, it becomes a respectable medium
Red, reading 680.
Not as impressive as some others, but it works hard.
Again, the price is very reasonable (
This is a great choice if you don\'t want to filter wine).
8/10 added magnesium, but the remains of the WINEBWT water filter at Amazon\'s £ 24. co. ukWHAT IS IT?
This beautiful kettle not only removes calcium and chlorine during the four filtration stages, but also adds magnesium to your water. If you drink 2.
5 litres of water per day, you will receive 20 of the recommended daily allowance.
This mineral is present in foods such as dark leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, bananas and whole grains, and is essential for many physical processes, including muscle and neurological functions, but many of us are flawed.
Water test: The filtered tap water tastes better and the meter reading goes down from 290 to 196, although I was wondering if it extracts solids from magnesium and it drops further without it.
Wine test: This step is too far for this filter.
The liquid remains dark red, showing 736 on the meter
So it peel off some solids, but not all.
The result tastes like a disgusting, bitter, light red wine.
6/10 Would you like a drink from the Thames? nkd pod+, £19. 95, nkdlife. comWHAT IS IT?
A small black and blue bottle with a filter in the lid, so the water is cleaned when you drink water. Anti-
Bacteria technology can remove 99 pollutants such as pesticides, metals and viruses.
Natural minerals increase the level of oxidation resistance, make the water slightly alkaline, and coconut carbon reduces odor and chlorine.
It is said to be so fast and efficient that you can drink water from the Thames.
Water test: This test is more of a challenge.
The bottle is designed for you, not easy to pour
I have to squeeze.
When I tried it with water, it tasted a little bit more Microsoft than tap water, but it didn\'t make much difference.
Probably because of the charcoal in the filter, the meter rises from 284 to 292.
Wine test: with wine, I poured the bottle for a few minutes and pushed the liquid out.
This could be the extra time on the filter, which means the liquid looks light and meter reading is a respectable 420.
For the familiar water filter tank, 7/10 delicious boost, 17. 16, amazon. co. ukWHAT IS IT? An easy-to-
It is said that a kettle containing plastic nasal excrement containing no benzene Ester and BPA will disturb hormone levels.
There is a circular activated carbon filter on the top.
Slight electricity
The positive charge of the filter means that when water passes through the surface, it attracts chemicals and impurities that remain in the filter.
This reduces the metal in the water, as well as the taste and smell of chlorine.
Water test: according to the instructions, I prepared half
Immerse the spherical filter in the water for 12 minutes.
A small black carbon appears, making the water turbid.
Then I put it back in the jar and I can use it.
When I try with tap water, after filtering, the meter reading goes up from 290 to 334
This must be attributed to the increase in carbon.
But carbon is known for improving the taste, and the taste is really smoother.
Wine test: The wine is crimson with no color change.
The meter has no scale and tastes like wine.
But overall this is a great daily water filter for the family.
6/10 charcoal helps to absorb the NASTIESBlack Blum Eau Carafe water filter, £ 34. 95, black-blum. comWHAT IS IT?
An amazing glass bottle with cork cover, you will drop a thick charcoal inside before adding water.
Charcoal serves as a natural filter that balances the pH of the water, absorbs unwanted flavors and scents, and adds good minerals.
Water test: I fill a glass with tap water, read 298 and add water and charcoal to the jar for an hour --
After that, I was confused to find that meter reading actually went up to 314 instead of down.
This is probably because the charcoal residue is distributed inside.
The machine reads it as solid, but it\'s safe here.
The taste of water is good.
Slightly less harsh than the sound coming directly from the tap.
Wine test: The filter recommends water only, so the wine does not change color even if it is placed in a glass bottle for 36 hours.
Finally, the meter reading is like the beginning.
The taste did not change.
However, this filter is completely recyclable and is the best.
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