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How to use activated carbon filter to purify the air

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Do you need to activated carbon filter, activated carbon has a special nature, make it can get rid of the volatile organic compounds (from the air VOC) Pollutants, smell and other gases, which in a completely different way than that of the ordinary air purifier to achieve this, it only filtering particle pollution in the air. Activated carbon air filter is typically used to eliminate the gas filters, the filters are used to by activated carbon ( Also known as activated carbon) Layer filter out many types of gas, is often brought to the business of volatile organic compounds ( VOC) Household product release from our daily use. Charcoal to remove moisture from animal and plant material and all kinds of volatile components made of lightweight black carbon residue, charcoal is often in the absence of chemical elements, through the wood or slow pyrolysis of different organic materials and made, this method is called the charcoal burning. Activated carbon is a kind of after further processing of carbon, it can better capture the gas particle, first of all, the hot air is blown into the carbon, such as the carbon dioxide and water vapour, formed a tiny hole in the carbon lattice, result in a great increase in surface area.
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