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How to use and clean the pp pleated filter element

How to use and clean the pp pleated filter element


Correct filter installation operation:


1 Wet the O-ring with lubricating oil or water, and slowly insert the filter element into the filter so that the filter element is aligned with the groove.

2. After the folded filter element is fully inserted, press the top fin of the filter element with a stainless steel orifice plate, and the screw does not need to be too tight to prevent deformation due to force.

3 Because the pleated filter element itself has been sterilized by high temperature, the filter element cannot be touched by hand.

4 Rinse the filter element as much as possible for half an hour before use.

5. When turning on or off, you need to turn the valve gently, do not open or close it all at once, so as not to damage the filter element when the pressure is high.


How to use the PP pleat filter cartridge:


1. Use the disinfection cabinet to sterilize, take out the filter element from the plastic bag, and place it in the disinfection cabinet to sterilize at 121oC for 30 minutes.

2. Without disassembly and disinfection, the filter element is installed in the filter according to the correct method (the interval between the fixed plate and the filter element is 0.5mm). Pass steam for 30 minutes. Dalian water purifier filter element, Dalian PP filter element price, filter element replacement

a. Identification of the in and out flow direction of the folded filter element

The folded filter element is generally of external pressure type.

b. Aperture identification


The filter elements of regular manufacturers will be engraved with precision materials before leaving the factory. If not, only use bubble pressure detection.

The use and cleaning of the pleated filter element cannot be used without washing. When the designed flow rate is met (the pressure gauge difference before and after the flow rate drops significantly), please open the filter from the filter after shutdown, take out the filter element from the filter, rinse the surface with clean water, and then First soak in 4% hydrochloric acid for 24 hours, then soak in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours, and then rinse with clean water (remove two O-rings during soaking to prevent swelling).


Storage method:

1 Soak the filter element in disinfectant and fill the stainless steel housing of the filter with disinfectant.

2. Take out the filter element and dry it (50oC for 36 hours)

3. Take out the filter element to dry, in a dry climate area.

4. Please do not pack the undried filter element in a plastic bag to prevent mildew. Dalian water purifier filter element, Dalian PP filter element price, filter element replacement

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