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How to wash after sintered stainless steel filter use?

by:Lvyuan      2021-02-02
For stainless steel sintered filter, have a plenty of can be washed, used in the work after a period of time, we can for cleaning stainless steel sintering filter. So, what is the method of cleaning stainless steel sintering filter?

stainless steel sintering filter cleaning methods:

a, on the production line generally choose backwash:

close concentrate and filtration liquid tube first switch, bacteria in water wash, from the original input, at the exit from import or lower part of filter tap hole eduction, backwash to have pressure but not too much, usually around 5 kg.

2, folded stainless steel filter down to put in cleaning fluid to clean, soak in repeated washing.

cleaning fluid generally available:

1, sodium hydroxide, 0. 1NNaOH;

2、1- 2% citric acid water flux or 0. 1 n oxalic acid solvent, 0. 1 n hydrochloric acid solvent;

3, enzyme solvents and other general temperature control in the 30 - during cleaning 40 degrees for superior.

when cleaning notice:

filter concentrate relatively high protein content such as draft beer, such as nutrient solution in the filter cleaning must be done after high temperature disinfection, to prevent protein film hole high temperature condensed jams.
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