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how water filters work

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Choosing a water filter the style of the water filter you choose depends on your personal needs.
Many people like water bottles with built-in filters.
Others have chosen a small manual filter that allows them to purify water when they remove water from the water source and assign it to a separate container.
If you have a water bag system that fits your backpack, you can purchase a water filter system that coordinates with it.
How you decide what filter system is best for your needs depends on a variety of factors.
If you travel with young people and plan to filter their water, you may want a separate manual filter.
Many hikers like to add a powder drink mixture to the water.
If you are part of these hikers, you may not want a water bottle filter.
In this way, you can have separate drinking water containers, one for your drink mixture and the other for clear water.
If you add a drink mixture to the water bottle filter, you will not be able to drink or filter any water until the bottle is empty.
If you are camping in the wilderness of much of the world, water filters that filter bacteria, protozoans and parasites should be sufficient.
If you are going to a third world country or a place that may be contaminated with sewage, your filter also needs to kill the virus.
Water filters capable of killing viruses usually contain iodine filtration systems.
Chemical tablets like iodine (
We will learn more later)
, This may adversely affect the taste of your water.
If you want insurance for a filter that kills the virus, bring some vitamin C--
Even the orange powder in the grocery store will work.
After filtering the water through the iodine system, add some powder.
The acid of Ascorbic neutralizes iodine and improves the taste.
It also neutralizes the validity of iodine, so before adding anything else to the water, make sure to follow the manufacturer\'s instructions for how long the water will be set in the iodine filter.
No matter which type of water filter you choose, you don\'t want you to be surrounded by water, but there is nothing to drink.
When purchasing a water filter, the flow rate of one liter per minute is a good average.
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