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How wide is the application of a pp melt-blown cartridge?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
For pp melt-blown filter, its purpose and use of the field is broad, including what fields and industries? Let's have a detailed and specific understanding of the application of pp melt-blown cartridge.

(1) applied in the field of air purification

melt-blown filter commonly used in air purifier, for larger flow velocity in the coarse, effect of the air filter. It has a small resistance, strength, strength, acid and alkali resistance, stability, efficiency, stability, long life, cheap, etc. After purification of gases with it without the linter off the filter material phenomenon.

(2) applied in the field of medical and health care

made of melt-blown type filter dust mouth breathing resistance is small, not short, dust control efficiency is high, it is widely used in hospitals, food processing, mining and other workplace to be dustproof.

(3) oil absorption materials and industrial wipes

polypropylene melt-blown cartridge can make all kinds of oil absorption materials, weight of 14 - oil absorption can do so 15 times, widely used in environmental protection engineering, oil/water separation engineering, also in industrial production, can also be as clean raw materials for the putty. These applications are give full play to the filterability of melt-blown type filter itself and adsorption.

(4) heat preservation materials

the average diameter of melt-blown superfine fibers in 0. 5 - 0. Between 5 m, in cloth to form the micro hole, hole degree is high. This kind of structure to store a large amount of air, can effectively prevent loss of heat, heat preservation sex good, therefore melt-blown filter is widely used in clothing and all kinds of insulation material production.
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