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How are pp melt blown filters produced?

How are pp melt blown filters produced?


Production process:

1. Open the machine.

2. Increasing temperature.

3. Released the remaining material.

4. Put the mold.

5. Increasing Temperature.

6. Put polypropylene raw material to the machine.

7.  The material enters the inside of part machine and breaks into pieces.

8.  Blow out fine fibers.

9. Set the machine for producing 10 20 30 40 inches or your request specification. 

10. Get the cartridges, check size and packed well with plastic Shrink bags.

 Lvyuan pp melt blown filter cartridges series is a type of Long service life and high dirt holding capacity filter cartridge for water purification. It is fused and intertwined of polypropylene fiber without any chemical glues and won'y cause any pollution or fiber fall out. It makes from 100% pure polypropylene raw material. We accept customized specification and No MOQ limited. 

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