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i use reverse osmosis water filters for my beverages

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
\"I were-
It\'s for you, now you
For me, \"it just didn\'t happen!
Who said reverse osmosis?
After trying many different wine, soda and beer recipes --
I struggled to get them right and I realized it was the water I was using.
My kitchen is a post-90 s kitchen with all the beautiful stuff besides fixtures, taps and accessories, but the person who built it didn\'t expect to put in the reverse osmosis system.
After testing the water in the faucet, I found it filled with hard water minerals and iron.
So I\'m on the road to agree to \"my beer problem.
It was a great experience at first, but after I put my face on to fix the taste!
I found it simple.
The RO unit is the unit filtered through the membrane
Bacteria, sodium and most other chemicals (
Chlorine, fluorine)
Take it out of your drinking water
I know that, but I don\'t think my tap water is that bad.
So after choosing a good three-box system that really cleans the water, I have the problem of where to put it.
I have used water filters and systems, but I have always hated the industry standards for putting RO under the kitchen sink.
I don\'t care because it always leaves a mess when there is a leak.
And the bottom of the general kitchen tank cabinet is destroyed.
My favorite option is to put the reverse osmosis system in the mechanical chamber and then run the pex line back to any sink you want.
Since my lower kitchen is my drink kitchen, it is not a real option to have pex through the walls or ceiling, so I decided that under the sink is my only option.
The RO unit is very nice when you can\'t get your drink to taste the right flavor-you see -
RO removes the taste and color of the water.
Although it does not remove all bacteria (
Some people may pass but it hurts more than nothing)
It did improve beer production.
Now I enjoy the smile of the people I invited.
I\'m enjoying my second batch of good wine.
My drink uses a reverse osmosis water filter.
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