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In addition to iron and manganese filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25

a filter, in addition to iron and manganese features:
filter in addition to iron and manganese is my company and the Austrian environmental protection technology university joint research and development of the integration of high efficiency energy-saving water treatment equipment.
。 Aeration parts: without aeration tank and aeration tower also do not need additive reagents and catalysts, just filling a small amount of air, can reduce running cost.
。 Equipment main part is to strong oxidation reaction, separation desander, grouping type suspension filtration process as one of the devices, such as unique structure.
。 Filter part: as the filter with internal reverse flushing device itself, don't need to be equipped with backwash water pump and reverse wash basin, reduces the project covers an area of, reduce engineering investment.
。 High pressure type filter backwash strength, make uniform filter washing, no dead Angle formed completely, backwashing time is short, filtering cycle is long, prolong the service life of the filter material.
。 The device can be directly to the user's network of water supply, don't need to be equipped with clear water reserviors and secondary pumping station, reduce equipment investment, avoid secondary pollution.

filter USES two, in addition to iron and manganese and principle:
filter is mainly applied to groundwater in addition to iron and manganese Gao Tiegao manganese in groundwater, in addition to iron and manganese industrial softened water, in addition to the pretreatment of the brine. This equipment adopts the aeration oxidation catalysis, adsorption, manganese sand, the filtration principle, in addition to iron and manganese using aeration device to oxygen in the air to the water + Fe and Mn + oxidized to Fe + and MnO insoluble in water, coupled with the catalysis of natural manganese sand, the water adsorption, filtering Fe Mn ions removal. Iron and manganese oxidation reaction is as follows: iron oxide: air: Fe++ O + HO = Fe ( 哦) ↓ Manganese sand MnO· MnO+Fe++O+HO=MnO+Fe( 哦) ↓ ; Manganese oxide: Mn++ O = MnO↓ , manganese sand Mn++ MnO· 何鸿燊= MnO· MnOHO + H +

3, in addition to iron and manganese filter technical performance
gas-water mixing time: min. Filter filtration velocity: m/h; Backwashing intensity: L/m. 年代; : filter layer thickness. 。 m; ≧ inlet pressure. Mpa; Equipment: under pressure. 。 Mpa、. 。 Mpa、. 。 Mpa。 Scope:
water Fe + ≦ mg/L, Mn + ≦ mg/L, water Fe + ≦. mg/L,Mn+≦. mg/L。
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