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In addition to the activated carbon filter from the water

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
If you're worried about your drinking water quality, it is time to begin to explore different water treatment scheme, in order to prevent the unimaginable trouble, small make up will go to the next is introduced in addition to the activated carbon filter from the water. In general, the filter can effectively remove all kinds of contaminants in drinking water, smell and taste bad, but use activated carbon filter seems to have some of the common filter lack magical ability, however, if you want to have a water filtration system, goals and specific pollutant removal and impurities. Activated carbon filter is the key to today's water filtration field, this may be due to their unique characteristics, and can effectively remove up to 99% of the total suspended solids ( TSS) And volatile organic compounds ( VOCs) , sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, and other series of residual contaminants in drinking water. Interestingly, activated carbon filter is not like the traditional filter, instead, they are made up of black beads or solid porous sponge, after some additional processing, make its better selectively capture impurities, first of all, it was injected into heat, steam or chemical substances, produce millions of tiny holes in the carbon, greatly increases the surface area of the size, the activation process for carbon created more pore, to capture and absorbs a wider range of pollutants, carbon as filter medium efficiency greatly.
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