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In addition to the bacteria filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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high flow aseptic filter shell is designed for dominick handler, aseptic filter core is designed, and have the highest standards of safety. High flow aseptic filter product features: specially designed for air filter shell, low pressure drop. Within the health level of polishing, external can choose lens, and sandblasting processing; Suspension type filter plate, not accumulated condensate; Goal type filter tripping prevention design, reduce the steam fire bacteria was high heat conduction; ZVA - 01 a heating jacket can be mounted under the electric: ZVA— More than 011 can be mounted to the steam jacket. High flow aseptic filter technology parameters of the filter shell material: 304, 316 l stainless steel material operating temperature: & le; 142 ℃ operating pressure: ZVA01/10. 0巴格; ZVA03~ZVA032/6. 0 barg design basis: ASME VIII Div. 1 a HIGH FLOW of aseptic filtration core FLOW being iron, wave HIGH FLOW TETPRO ptfe hydrophobic filter material, filter guide 0 100%. 01 micron, as absolute and phage level ( MS2 challenge qualified) 。 85% capacity between ChenKong, health level design, providing unparalleled large flow, low pressure drop and long service life. Unique heat resistant polypropylene sheath and center of 316 l stainless steel column, 142 ℃ steam sterilization is not only tolerance, and the porosity is 300% of the competitors, firm structure, air flow resistance is also to a minimum. Provide supporting effect indeed Validation Guide. High flow aseptic filtration core technology parameters: the filter area: each 250 mm in length, 0. 8 m2, and so on; Resistance to the steam sterilization temperature: 142 ℃, 30 minutes 180 times; Working temperature: & le; 70℃; Pressure drop tolerance: 3. 5 bar@70℃; Biometric security: comply with USP plastic class VI, BS5736 web site
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