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In the first weeks of water resources

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Due to the shortage of water resources and water environment pollution has become a problem is the focus of attention from all walks of life, seriously restricts the rapid development of national economy and people living standard improving, comprehensive business bureau, China foreign trade center by the Ministry of Water Resources, China water resources enterprise association desalination branch jointly hosted the 2012 China water week on February 23 ~ 25, held in guangzhou. The event for China's water treatment system to provide a set of can the water management experience, advanced water treatment technology in the developed countries, the investment and financing channels, the new products of new materials and new equipment for the integrated communication platform, to promote rapid and healthy development of the water treatment industry in China is of great significance.
according to organizers, China water week which opens an unprecedented, also will be held at the same time the 13th China international water supply and drainage, water treatment, water treatment equipment exhibition in outlook 'twelfth five-year' development trend of water, water investment and financing operation, water resources management as the theme of water peak BBS, dow chemical, Japan electrical group, Singapore hyflux group, 20 global multinational companies compete to water treatment desalination technology conference.
in addition, also to lead the world water of Singapore, the United States, Spain has opened three special report. Among them, the special Singapore will introduce its management in the water treatment system, water desalination, water reuse with application of field experience; Performance will be made by the membrane materials companies in the United States first announced the latest functions of reverse osmosis membrane; Spanish special by Ann can dispatch desalination and water company to introduce its desalination and water investment operation mode and successful cases.
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