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In what aspects will use activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Activated carbon filter material with high specific surface area and pore volume, is a traditional chemical adsorbent, in recent years, the activated carbon fiber and textiles caused the extensive concern of the industry, textile materials to activated carbon products are fiber/textile manufacture and the combination of molecular thermal chemical process technology. Secondly discusses the science and engineering properties of activated carbon material, involved in textile technology, thermal chemical process, material structure and performance, in order to give people a feeling of production cost and benefit, the production cost of activated carbon fiber and granular activated carbon were compared. Activated carbon is inert, carrier and active phase ( Mainly precious metals) The interaction between small, therefore, compared with other carrier, active carbon carrier have less effect on the quality of metal, because of inertia, activated carbon is almost not acidic, the activity of the catalyst will not decompose hydrocarbons, lead to carbon deposition on the metallic, cause catalyst poisoning. Compared with activated carbon oxide carrier, its stability has corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline solution, therefore, activated carbon is often used in corrosive liquid reaction, activated carbon can be used in high temperature in an inert atmosphere, because does not deformation at high temperature, steam activated carbon in the activation temperature higher than 900 ℃ when remained stable.
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