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Industrial cleaning water purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Industrial cleaning needs a lot of natural water, although the water demand is not high, but the amount is big, rinse with tap water is not cost-effective, high cost, many enterprises by collecting water purification treatment, haiyan hart hui metal products co. , LTD is an enterprise specializing in the production of screw nut, annual output value is $, met such a dilemma, the consumption of tap water is too large, the water resources are rich, boss think one-time investment of tens of thousands of yuan can use water to wash after purification.
the site to see the river sludge, high turbidity, flush the screw nut directly, will be attached on a layer of mud, so I need to filter purification treatment, first with a primer plus centrifugal pump river water pumping up and down to the quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter in front of the dosing system, main is to add flocculant PAC flocculation, the small particles become large particle filtering purification, and then after the precision filter further to remove the particulate matter in the water, good water quality. And then through the constant pressure frequency conversion water supply for the use of to the workshop site.
overall, effluent water quality clean, fully meet the requirements of flushing water, and water pumps, hydraulic stability.
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