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Industrial filter lateral tape automatic winding device

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Provide an industrial filter to go automatic winding device, rolling, rolling wheel, has used for fixed tape rolls and put a roll of tape, steering mechanism, the agency has guided by the transition of rolling wheel from the tape wheel, adhere to the mechanism, to provide a adsorption module and module, is used in adsorption module tape guided by the guide mechanism of adsorption and tightening module used to drive the withdrawal adsorption module, bring the outside of the filter adsorption. Servo module is used to drive the tape movement and winding filter element, after the completion of the winding, tape pick up organizations will tape pick up to the front end of the adsorption module, make the cut end of the adsorption module tape, a clamp mechanism, used in winding is complete to fix tape on the rolling wheel and adsorption between modules. After completion of the winding cutting mechanism is used to cut off the tape, adsorption module through the slide guide rail module connected to rise module, slide guide module and the sliding block and guide rail, slider on the adsorption of module arrangement, guide rail is connected to the servo module by connecting plate and the top module arranged on the connecting plate, the top module is connected to the adsorption module through the slider. Adsorption module equipped with vacuum adsorption chamber, vacuum adsorption chamber has used for adsorption of porous surface of belt, vacuum adsorption chamber connected to a vacuum pump.
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