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Industrial pure water equipment design process and main point

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Industrial pure water equipment is commonly used in electronics, food, chemical industry, medicine, water treatment equipment such as cleaning, industrial pure water equipment generally adopts the reverse osmosis device, the following introduction to reverse osmosis pure water equipment related knowledge.
reverse osmosis device mainly by the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, allow only water through and intercept other ions, in addition to hydrogen ions and oxygen ions of various ions removal rate is different also, this is also because of its structure and principle are determined, according to statistics, reverse osmosis for 3 + ion removal rate is around 95% The removal rate of 99%, to 2 + ions in 92% 99% %, the 1 + ions removal rate at 70% About 95%. The 2 - Anion removal rate 80% 1-90% Anion removal rate at 75% About 95%, except for the nitrate ion removal rate 50% 75%. 。
reverse osmosis water water quality requirements
pollution index: <
4: oxygen content < 1. 5 mg/L
CL ion: < 0. 5 mg/L
Fe ion: < 0. 5 mol/L
pollutants removal rate:
desalting rate: '
organic matter removal rate: 97%, 95% removal rate:
bacteria >
99% reverse osmosis pure water equipment general process flow diagram:
the original water tank and the original water pump - to quartz sand filter, activated carbon adsorber - precision filter - level of high-pressure pump - level 1 reverse osmosis unit to the middle water tank, the secondary high pressure pump to secondary reverse osmosis, sterilizer to clean water tank, water point
with quartz sand filter, activated carbon adsorption, and the precision filter is as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis membrane, prevent water impurities clogging membrane element, influence in the membrane of effluent water quality and water quantity, if the raw water hardness, can be in the precision filter, water softener or scale inhibitors, to prevent membrane fouling and, in turn, affects the water; If the raw water of suspended solids and tiny particles is more, suggest adding flocculating agent in front of the quartz sand, the tiny particles flocculated condensed particles, and then through the quartz sand filter, activated carbon as alkaline as level 1 reverse osmosis water, can be adjusted with acid.

pure water reverse osmosis regeneration operation control equipment cleaning regeneration, as a pretreatment of quartz sand and activated carbon filter are mostly regulating valve, run time is aspirant, backwashing regeneration is adjusting the four valves, underwater, go up, into the drainage of sewage by blowdown valve, generally quartz sand replaced every 2 years, activated carbon replaced every year. As a key equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, mainly containing 3% citric acid or oxalic acid salt box, through the booster pump hit precision filter filter, and then into the reverse osmosis membrane, from the outlet to the medicine cabinet, after cleaning cycle cleaning after 30 minutes, the clean water rinse for 15 minutes, until the cleaner is rinsed clean. Note: if the reverse osmosis membrane pollution is serious, the need to soak of reverse osmosis membrane, soaking time 1 hour or more commonly, and control the cleaning pump valve door, running at a relatively low flow. General 2 - reverse osmosis Replaced every three years.
reverse osmosis pure water equipment, drinking is widespread, in daily such as drinking water, bottled water, desalination and
industrial pure water, industrial mechanical washing water, pure water, coating, etc.
pure water reverse osmosis membrane type core parts, our company is mainly in U. S. brand Hyde can or dow and have 4 and 8 inches, design 4 inches of the pure water is 0. 25 tons/branch, 8 inches out of pure water 1 t/a.
when installation, pay attention to the following points:
1, reverse osmosis installation should be placed in indoor, if placed in the outdoor must be mounted to the ceiling.
2, reverse osmosis, must be placed.
3, run before reverse osmosis, must of quartz sand, activated carbon for repeated washing, know the water clean, the ion exchanger is
4, regeneration and cleaning equipment at boot time, pay attention to start the pump front, and then start the high pressure pump.
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