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Industrial use activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

industrial use activated carbon filter

about industrial use activated carbon filter:
general activated carbon filter is loose inside the activated carbon, and we filter the source
water filter manufacturer both of activated carbon surface is filled with granular activated carbon, it than the bulk of the
active carbon adsorption performance is good, and overcomes the drawback of particulate activated carbon release carbon powder, so
industries are widely used in industry.

industrial use activated carbon filter features and specifications:

diameter: mm, mm, mm, mm, if non standard, can produce according to customer requirements
inside diameter: mm, mm
length: an inch, inch, non-standard products, can produce according to customer requirements
filter material: coal char
end cover: polypropylene mesh
polypropylene filtration precision: um, um
the highest operating temperatures: c

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