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Industrial water pollution into social media attention

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Send a and the increasing urban population, as the residents of not only improve the quality of the water with water, and residents are increasingly contradictions between water supply capacity and infrastructure, public facilities of water supply water safety reliability problems are often plagued by residents. Especially China chemical industry wastewater without strict filtering water purification treatment, such as river and environmental pollution problems more serious, a lot of exposure in the media lately many water pollution incident, although there are suspected of own hype, but the pollution of water environment is exist.
industrial pollution by high pressure water drainage Wells to reports of underground drainage gradually become the focus of public opinion, more and more money began to focus on the water treatment business, which makes water treatment business shares continued active, in fact, the water treatment is an important branch of environmental protection industry in our country. With the breakthrough of China's water treatment technology, the future market of water treatment applications will continue to expand. , therefore, can be expected that the future relative to determine continued high-growth industries are many, but the water treatment is one of the segment to be reckoned with in the industry.
in the next few years, the sustained and rapid development of water industry is bound to pull the water treatment equipment market demand. To build a sewage treatment plant, equipment investment accounted for more than 40%. During the 'twelfth five-year', continue to increase investment in sewage treatment facilities will pull sewage treatment facilities market growth. In addition, upgrade project is one of the market pull factors. I existing sewage treatment plant is nearly half 2005 years to build and use is not revised the town sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard 'in 2002, according to the emission standard to reach level A and level B,' twelfth five-year 'period, the sewage treatment plant upgrading investment is expected to be 100 billion yuan, water treatment equipment market growth.
so the transformation of economic pattern, enhance the consciousness of cleaner production, to strengthen environmental education, it is urgent.
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