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Industrial water quality requirements and processing technology is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
1, what is the distinguishing feature of surface water quality?
surface water salinity and hardness is generally low, the salt content is in commonly 70 a 900 mg/L; 0 tendency/L. The water quality of surface water is not stable, larger changes with the seasons. Spring winter two season, water, salt content, high hardness, and low turbidity. Altogether, due to the effect of precipitation, salt content, hardness decreased, and the turbidity is rising sharply.
2. What is the distinguishing feature of groundwater quality?
is precipitation after soil and formation of groundwater seepage flow, or so the dissolved more salt. Salt in 100 ~ 500 mg/L, hardness in 2 lOmm0l/L, little suspended solids and turbidity is low.
groundwater quality in general is stable, seasonal variation is not very big influence on the quality.
3, industrial production have any requirements on water quality?
all kinds of industrial water, according to the used methods can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect in the use of water. Direct water, water, direct contact with product quality of our products have very big ring, so the requirement of good quality; Indirect water, generally have no effect on the quality of product, for anticorrosion and antiscaling different requirements, the need to adopt different water quality.
( 1) Raw materials in the use of water is directly used as raw materials or as part of the raw material and using water. In the beverage, food processing industry, had a greater influence on the water quality of product, the best water should be colorless, tasteless, no turbidity, salt content is appropriate, ammonia, nitrogen, nitrite, bacteria and other indicators meet production requirement.
synthetic fiber, such as electrolysis, medical demands high quality of pure water.
( 2) Product processing water refers to in the process of production is used for washing, bleaching, beating and so on, it also calls for better water quality. The water quality requirement is roughly the same as the raw materials with water.
electronic industrial water demands high quality of pure water, etc.
( 3) Boiler water due to the high hardness of water can make the scale, the boiler thermal efficiency is lower; Dissolved oxygen and salts can cause corrosion of boilers and piping; Soda azeotropic HSiOf and alkalinity causes, and influence quality of steam.
as a result, the boiler for water hardness, salinity, alkalinity, pH value, HSiOf and dissolved oxygen have strict index requirements.
( 4) The function of cooling water for cooling water is cooling medium heat, so to prevent the corrosion, fouling and microbiological hazards are three major tasks of the cooling water processing. Water quality of cooling water, therefore, the hardness, suspended solids, dissolved gas, oil and other organic matters, such as algae and microbial should be strictly controlled.
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