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Influence of Chlorine Dioxide on Substitute PALL High Flow Water Filter Element

by:Lvyuan      2022-01-24
For replacing the PALL high-flow filter element, what effect can be achieved by adding chlorine dioxide? What should I pay attention to during the dosing process? The main points about replacing the chlorine dioxide in the PALL high-flow water filter element: the chemical properties of chlorine dioxide are active and easy to decompose, and it is inconvenient to store after production. It must be prepared on-site at the place of use. Therefore, the preparation and dosing equipment is often continuous of. The place where chlorine dioxide is added in water treatment varies depending on the purpose of the addition. If it is mainly for sterilization, it should be added after filtration; if the water distribution system is required to maintain the amount of residual chlorine that kills microorganisms, it is also necessary to add it in the water distribution system; if it is mainly to remove trihalomethanes, it should be added before filtration. Dosing; if manganese removal is required, there should be enough time to precipitate manganese dioxide after dosing; if in order to control the odor and odor, dosing at several points should be dispersed. During the construction and operation of the equipment, special protective measures must be taken, because if chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite are used improperly, or the concentration of the chlorine dioxide aqueous solution exceeds the specified value, it will cause an explosion. Therefore, the mass concentration of its aqueous solution should not be greater than 6-8g/L, and avoid contact with air. The dosage of chlorine dioxide is related to the quality of the raw water and the purpose of use. It is generally in the range of 0.1~1.5mg/L. It needs to be determined through experiments. In the process of preparing chlorine dioxide, in addition to adjusting the concentration, it can also be changed. Dosing amount to adapt to changes in water quality and quantity.
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