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Instead of 3 m of melt-blown filter RT30C16G20NN, factory direct sale

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Instead of 3 m of melt-blown filter RT30C16G20NN was company-specific production technology to high thermal bonding between fiber and fiber, PP raw materials, three spray nozzle blow after melting and make them have different filtration precision filter by outgoing; Have unique groove process using the filter quantity is higher, the type filter without the use of auxiliary materials to produce high strength without supporting frame filter element. Is an ideal water filtration products.

RT30C16G20NN features:
carrying amount is high, good filtering effect
service time is long, large flow
initial pressure difference is small, save the filter element number

petrochemical industry pharmaceutical beverage

food industry microelectronics

RT30C16G20NN melt-blown filter characteristics:
- Groove type structure, the initial pressure drop, effectively intercept the water particle impurity is not easy to escape the
- Slotting technology improved the cartridge filter area
- Line PP polypropylene material, not adding chemical composition of adhesive technology, low precipitation rate not easily into a secondary pollution

kun, melt-blown cartridge replacement 3 m common specifications
RT40Y16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 1 um, 40 inches)
RT40B16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 5 um, 40 inches)

RT30Y16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 1 um, 30 inches)
RT30B16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 5 um, 30 inches)

RT19F16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 25 um, 19. 5 inches)
RT20Y16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 1 um, 20 inches)
RT20B16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 5 um, 20 inches)

RT39B16G20NN ( Polypropylene material, 5 um, 39 inches)
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