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Instead of a variety of large flow filter, RFP050 - 40 npx - L, Parker, Ryan rich, modern high-tech HORIZ

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Filter production replace Parker, Ryan rich, modern high-tech HORIZON big flow filter can choose the inside and outside of enhanced the skeleton to withstand greater direction, pressure, select high-quality filter material at home and abroad, using modern fold folding machine equipment, filter folding process to increase the filter area makes the filter material filter initial low differential pressure resistance, filtering time longer service life, high quantity, thus less able to filter the number of completed more traffic demand, saving the use filter cartridge number reduces the costs.

choose pure PP filter material chemical interaction is good
folding process manufacturing low differential pressure, small resistance, long life
the use of radial double aprons seal to avoid leakage phenomenon of effectively
add inside and outside the skeleton enhanced ability to filter and resistance to pressure in the filter element
the tail handle design, makes the filter installation and maintenance more convenient

element inside diameter; Double seal diameter is 100 mm Φ, single seal the inner diameter is 110 mm Φ
the highest drop value operation suggestion is: 4. Zero bar
advice: maximum working temperature of 80 ℃
filter filtration precision: 1 um, 5 um, um 10, 20 70 um um, um, 40, 100 um
filter can choose materials are: polypropylene, glass fiber, polyester fiber, etc.
of synthetic materials are: butyl eyes rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, fluorine rubber:
filter filtration flow for 30 to 40 inches long filter flow After 40 m/h, filter traffic of 50-60 inches long After 70 m/h

secondary RO reverse osmosis system prefiltering

microelectronics photovoltaic industry power plants, chemical plants, preliminary filtering water softening filtration

boiler steel mills, water desalination, preliminary filtering

filter production replace Parker, Ryan rich, modern high-tech HORIZON big flow filter, low initial pressure differential resistance, filter life time is longer, carrying capacity is higher;
source factory direct sales, price concessions, after-sales guaranteed, welcome to visit our factory and service hotline: 13803731376 ( Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter)
substitute Ryan rich factory models have:
RFP005 - 40 npx - L
RFP010 - 40 npx - L
RFP050 - 40 npx - L
RFP100 - 40 npx - L
RFP700 - 40 npx - l
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