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Integrity Testing of PES Pleated Filter Cartridges

by:Lvyuan      2022-07-05
PES pleated filter element is a relatively precise filter element in the pleated filter element series. It belongs to the filter element of sterilization grade and high hygiene standard. The field it is used in is relatively demanding, so it needs to be tested for integrity before leaving the factory to ensure that every expenditure The factory's PES pleated filter elements all meet the needs of customers. The following is an introduction to the integrity test of PES pleated filter elements. 1. The integrity test of the filter element is a test used to detect parameters such as the dispersion flow and the bubble point of the filter element. The test has the advantages of convenient detection and good reliability. The hydrophilic membrane filter element is tested with pure water, and the hydrophobic membrane filter element is tested with 60% IPA. Before using the automatic integrity tester, please confirm the accuracy of the integrity tester, check the air tightness of the filter, and check whether the intake pressure meets the requirements (requires the intake pressure to be set at 5-7bar), and the test temperature Set to 20-25°C. 2. Components: filter, pressure gauge, combined joint, clean air source, liquid pump, water tank (solvent tank), pipe fittings, etc. 3. Operation steps (the parameters described below are the setting parameters of the hydrophilic membrane 0.2um filter element as an example) 1. Complete the connection; 2. Close the valves 1 and 3; open the valves 2 and 4 and the exhaust valve, and open the water pump , Conditioning valve 4, close the exhaust valve after the water comes out of the exhaust valve, and start to wash and wet the filter element. 3. Completely open valve 4, flush quickly for 5 to 10 seconds, adjust valve 4, control the pressure of pressure gauge 1 to show about P1u003d4-4.5bar, according to the flow rate of more than 5L/min per 10”, flush the wet filter element 10 More than a minute; the greater the flow rate and the longer the time during flushing, the easier it is to wet the filter element, and the test results are more accurate. Advantages: 1. Make the filter element easier and more thoroughly wet, and ensure the accuracy of the bubble point test; 2. Can Ensure filter cleanliness.
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