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Internal pressure type filter MFHP - P050 - 100400413

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Internal pressure type filter MFHP - P050 - 100400413 five layers folding design, filter filter area larger than others. A single filter filtration flow can reach 60 m3 / h, filtering longer life. Polypropylene filter material has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, acid and alkali, can effectively remove the suspended solids in the liquid, particle, rust and other impurities. Internal pressure filter MFHP - P050 - 100400413 change signal 1: filter water decreases. Under the condition of the same ( If the water pressure and water temperature of the same) , the filter creates less water. May be the filter clogging. If the filter is close to life, the need to replace the new filter. 2: RO reverse osmosis filter water too fast. Filter water obviously accelerated, is usually caused by damage of reverse osmosis membrane. At this time must be replaced a new reverse osmosis membrane, filter will completely lose function. 3: filter color burn. Investigate its reason, is the filter of impurities and bacteria is overmuch, accumulate in the filter element of time is too long, cause pollution to the filter. It also tells us that need to replace filter.
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